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Meet the team

At Fintalyst Consultancy, we welcome you to meet our award winning team, where we have come from and the important contribution we make to our clients' financial success.

Eddy Ye (Premier Coach Fintalyst

November 06, 2012

Eddy understands the importance of sound financial advice through educating clients and assisting them to make smart decisions in order to effectively plan through their life journey and future financial prosperity both now and throughout retirement. His vision "The Premier Choice For Your Financial Success."


Partially retired from providing financial advice since 2017, Eddy shifted his focus to coaching as well as mentoring some of the best practitioners in the financial services industry, empowering them to achieve breakthroughs in their life and career.

Dallen Chua (Investment & Wealth Fintalyst)

August 12, 2014

Dallen joined the financial services industry to seek breakthroughs in his life and career. He specialized in helping families and individuals, especially parents with young children to plan out their financial life journey. Over the years, he has formulated strong relationships with his clients who came from all walks of life. That explains why he enjoyed working with a variety of clients and has expertise in education and retirement planning, family income protection and beyond.


In his spare time, he enjoyed spending time alone, designing client portfolio and thinking about new ideas in helping more families to maximise their wealth.

Alan Ye (Mitigate Fintalyst)

July 06, 2015

Alan strives to create a safety net for himself and his loved ones and this encourage him to take a leap of faith to enter the world of financial planning. He has strengthened his clients' financial health and eased unforeseen circumstances through simple ideologies. Associating with like-minded professionals and constantly keeping up with changes allows Alan to stay relevant to his clients. He believes that everyone should be equipped with a contingency plan in the event their lives took a sudden downturn.


Outside of work, Alan enjoys competitive online gaming to develop a skill set of quick reflexes and communication which proves to be an important asset to his scope of work.

Manfred Tan (Strategic Investment Portfolio Fintalyst)

August 10, 2016

Manfred has been providing financial and investment solutions for global and local clients alike. His expertise has allowed his clients not only reaching their retirement goals but also financial freedom. 


Apart from business, he enjoys to run, swim and play basketball. At times, he doesn’t mind to try new adventurous stuff.

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